Sanat Novin Aras

Supply all kinds of raw materials consumed by the steel industry

​about us​
Novin Aras Sanat Company with 10 years of experience in manufacturing, importing, designing and consulting in the supply of mechanical seals and electrical industrial graphites for generators and electric motors and carbon blades and mechanical graphites, ferroalloys and graphite, cast materials Gray and steel offer acceptable service in light and heavy industries, especially petrochemical, thermal and electric power plants, steel and casting factories, food industries, cement plants, pharmaceutical and water industries, and detergents. Therefore, the company hereby declares its services in the following section while further enhancing the capabilities of the company.
This company is proud to manufacture and import all kinds of mechanical seals, carbide and silicon products and is one of the manufacturers of these parts in Iran. The company, with sufficient knowledge of the mechanical seals used in these types of parts, grading, designing and repairing conforms to exterior specimens, which in turn has a significant role in high efficiency and extending the service life of the machine. It also has the ability to manufacture silicon, tungsten and steel parts in all materials.

Electrical and mechanical graphite

All special grades used in these industries are graded so that they are more stable against potential voltages and fluctuations when consumed. For this purpose, in order to promote their products, the company has been able to import these types of grids by contacting the companies SGL, Schunk Germany and LG Italy.
Mechanical seal

Metallurgical Coke
The company, with the knowledge of modern automated and advanced mitts and skilled personnel, has begun to produce +70 and +80 metallurgical coke, which is one of the first manufacturers of metallurgical coke in the country.
Ferroalloys and graphite
The company is one of the leading importers of ferroalloy products from India, Georgia and China which is one of the main suppliers of raw materials for steel and petrochemical factories and industries including ferro-silicon magnesium, ferro-silicon manganese, silica. ,, And in the graphite branch pointed to high sulfur and low sulfur graphite, greasy graphite and ...